You kids stay off of Goose Gossage’s Lawn!

Goose Gossage misses the good ‘ole days:

“But there’s no one to pass the torch anymore, no one to teach the young kids how to act. The Mets did a lot of that [celebrating] last year, and look how it came back to haunt them.”

Gossage told the Record that he would have never been allowed to celebrate like Chamberlain. His teammates would make sure of that.

“I’m trying to think of what would’ve happened if I did what Joba did, especially if I was a rookie,” he told the Record. “The veterans would’ve sat me down so fast, it would’ve never happened a second time. Truthfully, there would’ve never been a first time.”

I didn’t like what Joba did, either. Frankly, it’s a little bush. I believe that Barry Sanders’ Dad said it best: “Act like you’ve been there before.” But Goose Gossage sounds cranky here.

Couldn’t Goose have called Joba himself? Or called Mo? Someone? Complaining to the press about how Baseball used to be a purer game (make your own Greenie joke here) is irritating, frankly.

Every time I hear a former ballplayer whine about something like a fist pump when they ignored asses full of nandrolone, greenies, racism, juiced balls, etc., I just have to sigh.

And post, too, I guess.

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