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12 Year Favre Storyline is over, for today.

Brett Favre’s offseason media conditioning program, in which he runs Chris Mortensen, John Clayton, Sal Paolantonio, and others through a series of hoops, around agents, through the hallways of the Packers front office, culminating in a series of windsprints between the sets of Sportcenter, NFL Live, and whatever Cold Pizza is called today, is over.

According to TWWL, Favre was only willing to commit to continuing his career if the Packers were able to sign one Randy Moss to play alongside him. The Packers surely knew this, and declined. I’m sure they are as tired of having Favre hold their offseason hostage as I am. But look for TONS of column inches to be devoted to this in the next month.

I just hope that people talk about the fact that Favre’s best teams–like Elway’s–were anchored by a chains-moving running game, and that for all his “gunslinging,” Favre created at least as many bad plays in the last few years as good ones when the game was put in his hands to win–and not just to ably lead his team (I’ll not use the semi-pejorative “manage”). I can’t wait to see what Bill Simmons says about this. I know he’ll have my back.

But, who will bring up Favre’s troubling relationship with performance-enhancing painkillers? If taking HGH to stay on the field is illicit, then isn’t taking Vicodin to achieve the same result also problematic? Yes, he entered the substance abuse program voluntarily, and yes, he’s genuinely contrite, but he abused a chemical to keep playing, and we should not overlook the fact that he owes at least a part of his consecutive games record to their usage. If anything, his story should be illustrative of the fact that painkillers are perhaps the most widely abused performance enhancing drug in use in professional sports today. I’ll have more to say on this as the Brett Favre Slurpfest moves from “Will he or won’t he?” to “How great was he?” and “What will the Packers do now?” (Prediction: The Packers will not cancel their season.)

Frankly, I can find a dozen other things to watch between the end of March Madness and the NBA playoffs besides the Brett Favre dramatic reinterpretation of the Runaway Bride. But if we’re going to be subjected to a Favre career post-mortem for the next 3 months, let’s at least talk about his whole career.

UPDATE: First Moss Sabotage Post I’ve seen.