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Man. Who knew? “Obamania” has over 46,000 hits on google. And tonight on CNN the talking heads were talking about “Obamamentum.” As of this posting, Obamamentum is only at 1600 or so posts, but who knows what the limit is on that word?

Is the Obama campaign aware that some “Miller Nation” website has this domain name? I guess they didn’t see this coming either. How great would it be to have that domain name if I were the Obama campaign?

Here’s a list of domain names that could be ripe for speculation.




obamama said knock you out (Hillary?)

Will the senior citizen vote breaking Barack’s way be the Obama Mamas and Papas?


Will he eventually, as an elder statesman, become Obama-Wan Kenobi?

Only time will tell.

What is one to make, Dear Reader, of this odd Obama name modification? Who is doing it? Who benefits? Is it me, or is this need for “Obamaniacs” similar to the “Bushies” we’ve seen in the past? When followers of political candidates start being referred to in ways reminiscent of the followers of a certain <a href=””>retread TV show</a> <a href=””>host</a&gt;, I start to worry.

Will he be swept into office on a wave of irrational political change-wishing exuberance, only to have the realities of democratic governance turn Obamamentum into Obamoderation? (Did I make the right choice–dropping the “a” altoghether in Obamoderation? I think the syllables work better than an odd “a”-“o” pairing. Comments, please.)

I just worry that Chris Matthews is going to be asking Howard Fineman and Tony Blankely which candidate they’d rather have a revolution with, Obama or McCain. Correct me if I’m wrong. Please.